How Technology Is Changing the Way We Train for Baseball and Softball

Are you searching the internet for "batting cages near me"? Feeling like your softball/baseball talents aren't polished up to the mark? Or do your current campus out-of-date technologies thus fail to keep you up and fast with the game you love the most to play? Safe to say, you are at the perfect place with Rip City Training in Salem.

At Rip City, we offer the latest technologies at our premium softball training facility that will help you get where you want with your game.


What makes Rip City stand out among any other training facilities in the state of Virginia? At Rip City, we always keep up with the game's most advanced performance-tracking equipment and software so that our players get the best experience possible.

These include the most demanded, Rapsodo, a pitch tracking device that analyzes spin rate, velocity, movement, command. In addition to Rapsodo, the following technologies are also offered:

  • HitTrax
  • Driveline
  • Velo-Pro
  • Slow Motion Video Analysis


The use of modern VR tech highly improves the hitting efficiency of the player as the VR mimics the whole setup of the loved game. That’s why we offer VR Tech and physical simulators at Rip City.


HitTrax is a softball/baseball hitting simulator that tracks pitch location, point of impact, and exit speed by building a digital rendering of the real world. Thus, mixing up this technology with your skillset makes the perfect combo for dominance in the game.


At Rip City, we offer daily rates and monthly memberships to cater to your needs to achieve measurable improvement as per your requirements.

With the highest quality staff and technologies, we are open daily for individual practice, team practice, one-on-one training, camps, hitting leagues, and much more.

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At Rip City in Salem, we are here to help make every player’s game their A-game using the latest technology. Find out more about our hitting leagues today!

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