Team Facility Rentals


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Team Facility Rentals

If your team is looking for a State-of-the-Art Training Facility, you will find it here at Rip City. Our training facility is Modern, Safe, and Flexible. If you want to train it, it can be done here.


Our Team Rentals include (2) Batting Cages, (2) Batting Tees, ( 3) Pitching Lanes w/Radar that can also be used for Infielders and Catchers Training, We provide Arm Care Bands, Med Balls, Plyo Boxes, and our Baseball/Softball Specific Weight Room(*Requires Coach Supervision). *When available we make additional Batting Cages and Pitching Lanes available to your team at no additional charge. We also offer HitTrax and Rapsodo Technology when available(Additional Charge)

We encourage teams to not only rent with us during the colder months, but to look at using our facility in-season to further enhance player development. Most teams do not have enough time during a typical outdoor practice to get hitters enough swings. Using our facility will provide your players with lots of quality reps in a short amount of time. You have the option of using our pitching machines or throwing “live-arm” with real baseballs from behind an L-screen.

Rip City utilizes bright LED lighting, which will enhance your training experience. We are also climate controlled. You will be comfortable no matter what the season!