Team Fundraising


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As former players and parents of players, we get it. The game is expensive. Between uniforms, gear, equipment, tournament fees and travel expenses, the team budget quickly rises. Aside from sponsorships, fundraising is your best option for cutting costs. Selling and distributing items, holding car wash after car wash, and running local events for a mere 50/50 split is not how ANYONE prefers to spend their time.

Fortunately, we’ve got an alternative.


Leveraging the power of the Internet, we make fundraising easy, quick and straightforward. Team members simply send out a link to friends, family, and community members with a request for donations. We collect and track each player’s contributions taking the burden off your parent’s hands. We don’t charge anything upfront to participate in any fundraising, regardless of the amount raised. Imagine not having to record and account for every dime but being able to keep more for the team. At Rip City, your team keeps 70 percent of all contributions.

Often doubling the amount most teams raise, Rip City fundraising programs have helped dozens of local teams fund their entire season’s needs.


Adding an extra challenge while motivating players to try to raise the most money, your fundraiser includes special Rip City perks. The player who raises the most money wins a special prize and the whole team gets to enjoy an indoor game at our Salem training facility, using the HitTrax hitting simulator.

Local teams are invited to participate in Rip City fundraising at any time of year, for any cause. Contact our team now to find out more about how we’re making it easier and more affordable to play America’s game.