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Becoming a Dominant Pitcher

For all pitchers that are serious about taking their game to the next level, we have an Exclusive Pitching/Effective Velocity (EV) Evaluation- The most complete Pitching Analysis available. It’s not an evaluation of your mechanics, but an Assessment of your Stuff.

We will measure All of your Pitches using Rapsodo Technology and provide you with a complete Analysis. You will see how Effective your current mix of pitches is. You will discover any gaps in your arsenal and learn what you need to do to become a more Dominant Pitcher.

  • Proper pitch sequencing
  • How to hide your pitches better
  • Why certain pitches freeze hitters and others don’t
  • Pitches you should add to increase your effectiveness
  • Movement – is it helping or hurting you?
  • What is the velocity spread between your pitches – too little or too much?
  • How "tight" is your curveball?

Discover all of these things and more…this is a must for any serious pitcher.