Rip City Training for the Entire Family

Rip City Training is bringing recreational baseball and softball to a more leisure audience, giving parents and their kids the chance to explore a whole new level of family fun. Our establishment is best known for fostering a love of this type of sport in both enthusiastic young children and adults who play regularly, but we also provide a comfortable environment for families. Visit our indoor baseball and fastpitch softball training facility and spend some time together with sports-themed family fun!


Rip City Training aims to create a welcoming, enjoyable environment for everyone; this is why you don’t have to play on a recreational or professional sports team in order to participate in the family fun! Our state-of-the-art technology and variety of baseball and softball-themed activities is focused on supporting the relationship between a player and the game. We invite you to dip your toes in the water, and have a blast getting to know the rules of the game and developing your skills, whether you’re looking to play recreationally or just explore a new leisure hobby.


No matter how old you or your child is, Rip City Training’s positive, high-energy environment caters to everyone. We invite you to take advantage of our family fun opportunities with the Little Sluggers program, designed to build your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and passion for both baseball and softball; for parents, our athletic facility also provides simulating hitting leagues, training camps, and other events. No matter your age or ability level, Rip City Training is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon!


For a group of friends looking for a great time, or parents looking for family fun to bond over, Rip City Training’s HitTrax and All Access Passes are the perfect option. See how well you can hit a flying baseball or softball with the HitTrax simulator, capable of measuring this in real time and displaying live results. Not only does our sports complex provide Hitting Leagues for three to five players, but we also have a variety of HitTrax games, designed to simulate an actual MLB game. All Access Passes, on the other hand, allow you to personally choose a time slot to come in and enjoy all our facility amenities. Contact us today to learn more!


Rip City Training provides an ideal pastime for both baseball and softball enthusiasts, and those interested in spending some time with their friends and family. Kids have the chance to explore their curiosity about this type of sport through our Little Sluggers program, figuring out if this is the right hobby for them. Our facilities are also perfect for helping families spend quality time together and learning brand new skills! Open seven days a week, with batting cages, a parents’ lounge, and free Wi-Fi, Rip City Training is the perfect weekend and evening destination.

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Now is your chance to experience the excitement of an MLB stadium, right on the frontlines. Rip City Training provides a unique chance for family fun, flexible for all schedules. Browse all our facility amenities online now and contact us to learn more!